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Wednesday was the second day of Oslo fashion week and I was so lucky to be attending Fam Irvoll's 
show. The hall was crowded long before the show started and there was little doubt that many had great expectations to this collection.

The whole thing started off with a band called Yoga Fire with awsome military coats and a pink top?!? Fun, fun.

The colours were amazing and the whole show had a playful, circus theme to it. The skirts were one of my favorite things. A "must have" if you're bold enough to pull it off.

I just loved the huge arms on the dress and the sweater.

Total cuteness when the kids came out! Their clothes were adorable, and despite being the first time Fam Irvoll designed for kids, I think it's a total hit!

These did not qualify for the norwegian olympic curling team:
Reason: too boring pants.
Unfortunately the battery in my camera went out in the middle of the show (way to be a noob!) so I didn't get the end on record. So I stole the last picture... ;o
Photo: HENNE.no


mariam said...

Lovely photos
Cute blog


Anonymous said...

Herlige bilder! Jeg var invitert men tror du ikke jeg fikk spysjuka.. God does really hate me..
Men Fam skal nok ha flere show så får reise da!
Liker bloggen btw ;)

Emilie said...

Fam Irvoll er et geni!

Michele said...

Lovely! Bit creepy at times, but still fun!

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