A sci-fi story - Vatle

Thursday Vatle showed her collection, "A sci-fi story". Luckily this was much calmer than the day before (I almost got squished by ppl). I've been looking forward to this show the most because I adore Vatle's design. 
The show started with a little film (can't remember who directed it sadly).

Yes, I meant for the pics to be so blurry. I call it artistic *aherm*

And then the magic begun!

I actually got chills when the balletdancers came out. Good chills I might add. It was so beautifull and quite futuristic. And I loved the black dress!
Oh so startreky.
The jacket is so ubercool. Love that colour.

The pants/thights and the dress are amazing. I'm in awe and are soooo getting them!

Ze final dress. Like the round shapes to it, but it kinda looks a little bulky (sorry Vatle :( )

Miss Harmonica closed the show with her song "Fashion" and Vatle came out with the biggest necklace ever witch said Vatle (as you probably can see...)

I gotta say that I loved the show, but most important of all is that I LOVED the collection. I will now live in Designerkollektivet and the other stores that sell her clothes, just to manage to get my hands on some of these treats. 


metallicatrollet said...

Vatle var helt fantastisk! :D

Michele said...

Great stuff! Love the green woman with the red hair!

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