My name is Lena and I'm a shopaholic

On saturday I did a little windowshopping and went by the Acne store with my boyfriend. It was an amazing store with all the goodies you could want. I fell in love with some pieces (but they and my wallet didn't love me back *sob*)
This dress is just superb. Unfortunately I didn't have time to try it on, but I think it we are meant to be....someday.
I just loved this belt. I'm such a fan of leather (or pleather.....I would prefer it to be fake) and this is so simple and a little rough, but with feminine lines (if that makes any sense). Me likey!
Yes! I am a sucker for animal prints, I admit it. But just look at it...LOOK! Can't you feel it in your bones? Don't you want it? Cuz I sure do. Gimme!

And for the final but the most awsome thing.......a tie!
Photos: http://shop.acnestudios.com/
Even my boyfriend loved this one. I think he must have it (ok, I'm starting to feel really superficial here, but you know how it is? Right? right....? Am I the only shopaholic here?)


Michele said...

Love the dress!

Katarina said...

Nei du er ikke alene om shoppingen.Du har en stilig smak.Liker smykke du har laget.Lager du smykker må du legge de på siden her, så vi kan kjøpe de.

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